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About Weiser Integrated Networks (WIN)


Achieving success through managed efficiencies and over 25 years of focused experience partnering with urology, Weiser possesses unparalleled insight into this dynamic field. Weiser is in a unique position to leverage their clients’ collective strength in urology by bringing their combined influence in the community together for consortium-style, long-term program opportunities that benefit all stakeholders. Created to manage these collaborative efforts, Weiser Integrated Networks is committed to arranging “WIN” scenarios for urological societies, residency training departments, member urologists and commercial partners. Weiser Integrated Networks plans, develops, implements, and evaluates educational programming solutions by bringing some or all of these groups to partner together. WIN also offers professional consulting that provides companies with a urologist driven approach to their marketing strategy development. WIN helps companies with targeting, segmentation, positioning and relationship management within urology, and offers unique and creative program designs that overcome obstacles and improve opportunities in the urology marketplace. Think WIN as your first resource in urology.