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Industry FAQs


Q: What size is my booth space?

A: The size of your booth is listed in the exhibit prospectus and may vary depending on your level of sponsorship.

Tabletop Exhibits are intended for display items and/or a pop-up that will fit on a 6ft skirted table only. There is no additional room for signage, equipment or banner stands.

An Exhibit Space is approximately an 8ft wide, 6ft deep area, no pipe and drape, that will include a 6ft skirted table and chairs and does allow limited room for a banner stand/signage/floor standing pop-up or equipment.

An Exhibit Booth is an 8ft(deep) x 10ft(wide) pipe and drape exhibit booth that includes the 6ft table, two chairs and a wastebasket. You are permitted to have a floor standing pop-up, equipment, banner stands, and additional furniture as long as it fits in this designated booth area. Refer to the service kit for options.

Q. What comes standard with my exhibit space?

A. All exhibitors receive a 6ft skirted table, two chairs and a wastebasket with all types of booth space.



Q: When will the Service Kit be sent out?

A: It will be sent out 45 days prior to the meeting start date. If your form is received within 45 days of the meeting start date, it will be sent out immediately.

Q: What is my booth number?

A: The Order Number provided on your confirmation/receipt is how you will be identified for anything related to this exposition.

Q: Can I get the floor plan?

A: You will be given a Booth Location Number and a floor plan on site. It will not be published before then. Please use your company name only on any booth traffic/promotional pieces.

Q: What are the exhibit hours?

A: The final exhibit hours will be listed in the Service Kit that you will receive 45 days before the meeting. This will also include exhibit set-up and break-down times.

Q: How do I order electric service for my exhibit space?

A: All services are ordered directly through our contracted exhibit decorator or when a decorator is not used, directly through the meeting hotel or conference center. Any required order forms from the venue are included in the Service Kit that will be distributed 45 days prior to the meeting.

Q: Is the exhibit hall carpeted?

A: The exhibit hall may or may not be carpeted. Specifics about the venue will be included in the service kit that is distributed 45 days before the meeting.

Q: Where should I ship my materials?

A: Shipping information is included in the service kit that you will receive 45 days before the meeting. Be sure to clearly label all shipments and include your Order Number, the name of your company and the name of the exposition.

Q: Where shall I leave my return shipments upon conclusion of the meeting?

A: The Association is not responsible for the return shipment of your exhibit material. Please be sure you’re on site staff is aware of how your material will be shipped back. All items should be packed securely, labeled and should include a pre-paid air bill. Refer to the service kit for more specific information.



Q: Is an attendee registration list available?

A: Promotional Partners:

A full pre-registration attendee list that contains business mailing addresses is only available before the meeting to industry partners and will be sent out four week prior and again one week before the meeting. In order to upgrade your package and obtain this benefit, please contact the Association office.

Standard Exhibitors:

To assist in staffing, a pre-registration attendee list including the attendee’s name, city and state will be sent out four week prior and again one week prior to the meeting to standard exhibitors.

For follow up, a full attendee registration list including business addresses will be given out onsite to all partners and exhibitors.

Q: Can exhibitors attend scientific sessions with their exhibit badges?

A: Exhibitors can attend scientific sessions with an exhibit badge; however, if you wish to claim CME credit for the session, it would require a full conference registration via the Association website.

Q: Can exhibitors attend social events at the meeting?

A: Yes, exhibitors are welcome to attend the social events. An additional fee may be required. For Industry partners, event tickets may be included with your promotional package. Please refer to the exhibitor prospectus or your invoice for details. Additional tickets may be purchased on the badge form you will receive 45 days prior to the meeting in your Service Kit. Event tickets can also be purchased on site as available.